We need YOUR Opinion

Please tell us what YOU think about these rates.
So it’s been about a year now in business and we have decided to finalize our rates.  The reason it took us so long is we had to gauge the local economy, client flow, and business overhead.  Now, we need your help.  We want to get everyone’s input on our rates to make sure the public feels they are fair and reasonable.  So without further delay here is what we came up with.

Your Opinion Counts!

Package Deals

Typical Computer Evaluation
Description: A 30 minute or less process where we can normally deduce what the computer needs)
Price: FREE (Other places can charge up to $120 for this)

Advanced in depth Diagnostics
Description:  A series of tests that run data through every chip and every part to deduct exactly what is wrong with a  particular part of the computer.  Takes about 6 hours.
Price: $60

OS Reload
Description:  We wipe the computer clean and reinstall windows. (This includes, finding all the drivers, installing Antivirus Software, and doing all of the windows updates.  We also install Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash player,  Java, and Firefox or Google Chrome as per your choice.)  Typically takes 1-1.5 days for the whole process NOTE: We can do this in about 3 hours but the updates take up the rest of the time.
Price: $60.00 Windows XP and Windows 7
Price: $80.00 Windows Vista (We charge more because Vista is stubborn)

File Backup
Description: We back up all of your pictures, documents, Favorites, and other files that you deem as important.  We can store it on Media you provide or copy it back to your computer after reinstalling Windows.
Price: $50 flat rate (if you have 1gb or 100gb it’s the same price)

Advanced Data Recovery
Description: When we have to remove your drive and perform special data recovery information to recover your files.
Price: $50 per hour

Virus removal
Description: Get rid of Viruses (Typically takes 1-2 hours) NOTE: Many of the modern viruses can only be completely removed by performing a OS reload.  If this turns out to be the case we apply the payment towards a OS reload.
Price: $30

Physical Cleaning
Description: Laptop or computer we go through and clean out the inside and outside.  Usually takes around an hour per computer to do a proper job of it.  It also drastically expands the lifespan of the computer and should be part of a once a quarter to once a year maintenance depending on environmental conditions of where the computer is being used.
Price: $20

On-site pickup or delivery
Description: We come and disconnect or connect your computer.
Price: $30 flat rate (Somerset and a 15 mile radius around our store.)
Price: $50 flat rate (16-60 miles)
Price: $40 per hour of drive time for anything further than 60 miles away

On-site Network installation
Description: We come and configure your network, wireless network, file shares, printers, and get your computers online with your ISP
Price: $100 flat rate (Small network 1-3 computers, a printer, typical setup)
Price: $200 flat rate (Business typical 1-5 computers average setup)
Price: $50 per hour  (Custom Business Advanced network and software configurations)

Hourly Rates

In-house Labor rates
Description: Some repair jobs require an hourly rate.  Example: replacing a modem, DVD drive, special configurations, ect.  For these we charge an hourly rate
Price: $30 per hour

On-site Labor rates
Description: Whatever your technological needs, we can come to you.  Please keep in mind some jobs require us to bring the machine back to our shop to work on it.  NOTE:  It is always much more cost effective for you and time efficient for us if you bring your computer into the shop.
Price: $50 per hour (Somerset and a 15 mile radius around our store.)
Price: $50 per hour + $40 per hour of drive time anything further than 15 miles from the store.