Our Clients Speak for Us

We have decided to let our clients speak for us.  We feel that our service, prices and good customer service is something that has to be heard first hand from the people that use us.  Stop in today and let us take care of you like we have taken care of so many others.


“We have been VERY impressed so far with your expertise, efficiency and quality work. Thank you, Jay and Bradford.
Rebecca & Clayton Higa – Somerset, Ohio


“Amazing!  These guys really know what they are doing with computers.  Their service is impeccable.  I am more than pleased with their repair and service.”
Rev. Rich Moats/ Archaeologist – Glenford, Ohio


“Please check out our new local computer repair service here in Somerset.  Jay and Bradford were very nice and willing to help with my iPod back up.  We could not find anyone else that could do this.  Would highly recommend.”
Conni Muetzel – Somerset, Ohio


“These guys are awesome, my sick computer now healthy again, they stayed till it was done, and to top it off they are NICE you don’t find that in many businesses anymore. THANKS GUYS YOUR GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Courtney Watkins – Somerset, Ohio


“I would recommend Somerset PC Repair to anybody.
Sandra Moore – Somerset, Ohio


” Very Impressed with the service.  Very fast and efficient.  Price was more than reasonable.  Will definitely be a returning customer.
Heather Smith – Somerset, Ohio


” Quick, Great Service, Price is definitely good.
Mark Graves – Somerset, Ohio


Very impressed with the service. Very professional and reasonable! These guys know their stuff! Will ABSOLUTELY use them again for computer repairs.
Fairfield Academy – Thornville, Ohio


You guys did a great job and took care of the problem and explained thing well. You were also surprisingly inexpensive and friendly.
Jenny Poston – Glenford, Ohio


Thanks for getting my computer back on track. It runs great and much faster.”
Laura Petersheim – Granville, Ohio

Service was fast and professional.  The area of expertise was focused on computer systems rather than slue of nick knacks, cell phones and other devices not related.  Very professional crew of people to work with!”
Justin Lally – Somerset, Ohio


I honestly cant even thank u enough!! AMAZING!! You guys are soo friendly, fast and affordable!! Nothing like a 10:30 am drop off and getting my puter back up and running by 5:30!! And ONLY $60!!! You are what this community needs! Thanks Guys sooooo much!!”
Lora Riffle – Somerset, Ohio


Great Service, Close to home, polite, and reasonable.”
Jill Sullivan – Somerset, Ohio


Quick, Great Service!”
Jeff Allison – Somerset, Ohio


Felt like I was in a mess about my Internet service with AT&T, Was going to take my computer to Newark, and remembered seeing the new shop open in Somerset.  I decided to stop in with my laptop to see if they could find out what was wrong.  It took less than a minute and they told me what was wrong. It just needed a simple upgrade to make it compatible with my router.  It hardly cost me anything to do that.  I sure am glad this shop is now in Somerset.  They were very friendly.  I will surely come back if I need anything else.”
Connie Metzger – Somerset, Ohio


Same day service was great.  Price was reasonable. Service was great.  They seemed very knowledgeable about my laptop and other computer systems.  I use my computer for business.  I have been to many other places and they were unable to produce results that lasted.  These guys got me back up and running. “
Bryan Carlson – Somerset, Ohio


I want to thank Somerset PC Repair for the fast repair. “
Garrett Oliver – Mt. Perry, Ohio


Jay, you rock! Your phone support is awesome and the router works great. I am moving data at 25GB/s. My NetGear was the bottleneck.”
Joshua Murphy – Somerset, Ohio


Helped me with my computer problem with rapid speed. I will recommend to all with computer needs. Very good about returning calls. ( now that’s rare for a business today). Thanks so much for your help. “
Denise Butler – Somerset, Ohio



Someset pc repair just fixed my granddaughter’s laptop it is up and running now they are fair in price i would not take her laptop any where else i recommend them to anyone that has pc problems!!!! “
Sandra Moore – Somerset, Ohio



Somerset PC Repair is the best place you can call to have your computers fixed they are very fair in price and know what their doing I would not take my laptop any place else they are awesome!!!!!!!! “
Angel Moyer – Somerset, Ohio

Many more to come soon!


6 thoughts on “Our Clients Speak for Us

  1. I can’t even to begin to express my gratuitude towards the friendly, fast and affordable service I got today!! I dropped my computer off at 10:45ish am this morning and I got a phone call that evening at 5:30 telling me my computer was done and ready to go! AND it only cost me $60!!!! These 2 guys are so AMAZING!!! I couldn’t even ask for better service!! Thanks Guys for being apart of serving our community!!!

  2. Jay, you rock! Your phone support is awesome and the router works great. I am moving data at 25GB/s. My NetGear was the bottleneck.

  3. Jay, Thank you,thank you,thank you!! You did what you said you would do and for a very good price.My laptop has never run better.I’m sure my shows will go smoother with no unexpected shutdowns.Will see you soon with my back-up computer for a tune up.Thanks again and we will be seeing you soon.

  4. After long discussions as to what would suit me best for the graphic art that I do, I was guided to the best computer laptop I could ever own. It is quick and powerful, able to handle the much needed requests I place upon it when working my art. Blackfire Ink gives Somerset PC Repair two thumbs up and recommends all that live in the Somerset area to use their services for all your computer needs and repairs.

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