Computer Repair

First and foremost, ALL DIAGNOSTICS is free within reason.  What does this mean?  It means that you don’t have to pay just to find out what is wrong with your computer.  We love what we do and find the fun challenge of diagnosis on your computer to be not only rewarding, but fun.  YOU get to reap the benefits of our addiction to computer by finding out what is wrong for FREE.  Just bring it in, and let us take a look.  We pride ourselves on finding out what the problem is and offering a solution to you on fixing it.

Second, we are very experienced in what we do.  Things that take others hours to do we do in minutes.   It’s the only way we make money :)  So we can give you flat rate pricing on how much it will be to fix whatever the problem is.  We never get you into a bottomless pit of labor fees.  We give all parts at our cost.  So no worries there.

Third, we care about doing a good job.  There is nothing worse than a computer that is not reassembled properly, or a job not done right.  We are perfectionists!  You can count on us to do nothing but the highest quality of work on your PC.

Forth, we have the knowledge necessary to work on the newest of bleeding edge computers, but have been doing this long enough to get that old Vic 20 working.  SO before you even bother to ask if we can work on THIS type of computer, the answer is, Yes we can.


Need help recovering your documents?
Pictures, word documents, bookmarks, emails, and much more. We have some of the latest technologies and techniques to recovering your data.  We can access your hard drive and recover that crucial information.

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Oh my.
It is amazing how much one single piece of malware can practically incapacitate your computer.  Often time’s people will replace their whole computer rather than just removing a virus.  Take the smart route.  Bring your computer into us and let us work our magic.  Seriously, would you rather pay $40 to fix your current computer or $400 to replace it?

PC tune up
Often times the average computer user does not understand  (nor should they have to) the importance of  updating drivers, doing software updates, closing security holes, optimizing viral scans, and closing processes that don’t need to be constantly running.  We do.  It is our job to know about and how to tune these things on your computer.  Who wouldn’t want their computer to be running up to 20% faster?

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