The question everybody has been asking… “How is business?”

I am happy to report to our clients and the general public, business is good.  We have been getting in a good steady flow of customers who have been wonderful to work for.  We have been receiving many repeat customers that were satisfied with the first computer we fixed for their family and have decided to bring their other computers in for repair.  Our bread and butter is word of mouth.  We try to do as good of a job as we can with each and every computer so that our good work reputation will spread.

All in all, things are moving forward at a nice steady pace.  We have met a lot of wonderful people.  That is one really nice thing about having a computer business in Somerset, the people.  We would like to thank everyone in the community that has supported us during our start-up.  We really appreciate the good referrals people are giving us.   I would also like to encourage everyone to keep spreading the word for us in neighboring communities.  I will be sure to update our website again in the near future with more news and info.